Saturday, May 11, 2013

The al-Mahdi Muck-up


Sheikh Mohamed Al-Mahdi, the Friday preacher of Al-Azhar Mosque...In his Friday Khutba (sermon) yesterday...emphasized that the night journey of Prophet Mohamed from Makka to Jerusalem means that the Muslims are responsible for protecting the holy city and the Aqsa Mosque.

He also stressed that the Aqsa Mosque does not belong to the Palestinians alone but to all Muslims around the world, urging the Muslims to shoulder their responsibilities towards the Mosque and rise up to liberate Jerusalem from the occupation.

Of course, there are two problems here.

First, Jews are told that the Bible and theology are no basis for political reality and territorial claims stemming from such are to be discounted.

So why do Muslims get a pass when they do the very same thing?

Secondly, did Muhammed actually visit Jerusalem?

It isn't written so in the Quran.  In fact, the Quran indicates that there were Temples in the city.  So how can modern-day political Islamic extremism promote the Jerusalem denial propaganda?


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