Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Israeli Opinion on Negotiations with the Arabs

Following up on my post on why peace negotiations with the Palestinian Authority will go nowhere, the new Peace Index poll came out and you should read this:

The Palestinians marginalized. 

Amid the other issues assessed by the public, advancing the negotiations with the Palestinians is seen as having low importance by the public. Only a tenth of the Jewish public sees this as the first or second most important issue that the government should address. This finding is certainly linked to the widespread assessment (70%) that the chances of resuming the negotiations with the Palestinians are moderately or very low. It is also related to the prevailing opinion (48%) that the responsibility for the stalemate is mainly on the Palestinian side; only 6.5% of Jewish respondents place the responsibility on the Israeli side, while 42% view the two sides as equally responsible...

How many think negotiations will be resumed?



What is your position on holding peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority?
1.    Strongly in favor    31.2
2.    Somewhat in favor    32.9
3.    Somewhat opposed    12.8
4.    Strongly opposed    16.7
5.    Don’t know / Refuse to answer    31.2

How many think the problem lies with the Arabs?



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