Friday, May 10, 2013

I Feel As If Raped

Yes, we've been raped:

David Landau, former editor-in-chief of Haaretz, founding editor of Haaretz English Edition and one-time managing editor of The Jerusalem Post, will be given a lifetime achievement award by B'nai Brith next month
The B'nai Brith World Center in Jerusalem announced Thursday it was recognizing Landau, 66, "for his contribution to extended Diaspora reportage during his tenure at those newspapers." 

The center also named the winners of its "Award for Journalism Recognizing Excellence in Diaspora Reportage" for 2013, which includes documentary film director and producer Moshe Alafi and Ma'ariv/Makor Rishon journalist Zvika Klein. 

Why "raped"?

Because in 2007, he requested of US Secretary of State Condi Rice that Israel needs to be "raped",

This prize leaves me feeling raped.


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