Tuesday, May 07, 2013

A Jerusalem Day Call


And this development has ramifications for Jews on the Temple Mount:

A-G: State will not appeal victory by Women of Wall

Attorney-General Yehuda Weinstein on Monday night announced that the state would not appeal the Jerusalem District Court’s recent ruling releasing arrested Women of the Wall members and potentially undermining the prohibition against non-Orthodox prayer at the Western Wall.

...In a landmark ruling on April 24 that upheld an earlier decision of the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court, Judge Moshe Sobel ruled in the Jerusalem District Court that women who wear tallitot at the Western Wall Plaza do not contravene “local custom” or disturb public order, and should not be arrested.

...Until now, the police have enforced a 2003 Supreme Court ruling and directives from the Justice Ministry which upheld the 1981 Regulations for the Protection of Holy Places to the Jews.  Under those regulations, performing religious ceremonies at the site that are “not according to local custom” or that “may hurt the feelings of the worshipers” are forbidden.

Local custom is interpreted to mean Orthodox practice.

These regulations and their interpretation have been the legal basis for the regular arrests of women for performing Jewish customs at the Western Wall that are usually practiced by men only under Orthodox norms.

But last week’s ruling means that, at least in theory, participants in Women of the Wall prayer groups who wish to wear tallitot or tefillin, or perform any other Jewish custom not usually conducted by women in Orthodox practice, may legally do so without fearing arrest.

First, though, we need to assure that the Temple Mount is included in those Holy Places that are "protected".



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