Thursday, April 04, 2013

Who Killed Christ?


An inflammatory attack on Jews was delivered in the presence of High Commissioner Sir Alan G. Cunningham and other high government officials during a sermon delivered at Good Friday services at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre here.

The sermon was preached by an Arab priest named Father Roux, who was a well known terrorist leader and served a jail sentence during the 1936-1939 riots. He told the congregation that Jews were responsible for the killing of Christ and that they were, in the same fashion, trying to crucify Christianity in Palestine today. The Jews, by murder and violence and bombing, are seeking to drive the Christians from the Holy Land, he added.

The High Commissioner and other officials present, most of whom do not understand Arabic, were unaware of the political nature of the sermon.

That was in April 1946.

Nothing much as altered since.



Anonymous said...

Who killed Christ? Rome. Who destroyed Israel. Rome with the help of Islam. Who is now intently trying to redefine Jesus. Rome. Watch Sid Roths last program regarding Rome and you will see that they are still attempting to capture and control that what God has created. Sid Roth, a messianic Jew, a must see. The most obvious enemy of Christianity is Islam thats why they are killing all the Christians, Rome is more subtle about their motives. Islam is the most immediate threat to any religion on earth....revelation describes how Islam destroys Rome. Islam also destroys mystery babalon, that would be America. You know that nation that calls itself Christian, has aborted 50,000,000 babys, has outlawed any use of the name of Jesus in its government, and arrests anyone who uses his name publicly, who has elected a Jihadist to circle and destroy Israel. DOES THAT SOUND LIKE A CHRISTIAN NATION? Thats what John, in Revelation, calls a mystery, mystery bablon of which he defines explicitely their demise as explained to him by Jesus. I have used Jesus name twice I'm sure someone is now looking for me. But what do I have to fear now, Kim Jung Un is defending us now. He is a much larger problem to the powers that be than us little Christians. Whos would have ever thunk it!!! It took Kim Jung Un to get between the beast and Israel. Hagal, you should remember that the gallows Hammon prepared for Israel was used to hang him. It seems Hagal got a little more that what he signed on for. He was hired to arm those who circle Israel and allow their race to be eliminated from this earth. He didn't sign on for a war with Russia, China, and North Korea. He now has 3 tigers by the tail and s probably explaining to the annointed one that he thinks this is above his pay scale.

Anonymous said...

I hope you remember that Russia, China and North Korea are the Kings of the North and Kings of the East, spoken of by Danial, who enrage the beast and war against him at that time when he is circling Israel. You see God in his wisdom knew this day would come for Israel and prepared a strategy for you to dodge the bullet.

Anonymous said...

Israel one thing you must never forget, North Korea knows who the enemy is. The American liberals and your liberal kinsman have elected your new messia. The lion of the tribe of hoodnah. This person will persecute you and will never stop attempting to destroy you until he is taken out of the way by Jesus. You will be fighting for your life, warring against the beast until your Messia comes. I know thats a bleak future, but this conflict with North Korea is the beginning of the waves of war described as armeggedon. You should understand what the red moons described by John Hagee represent. They are (red moons) signs in the heavens that fall on Jewish sacret days, coupled with a solar eclipse, I believe the solar eclipe is the removing of the Christians from earth signifying the beginning of the GREAT TRIBULATION. The sequence begins in april of next year.