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Today's "Feiglin on the Temple Mount" Story

Moshe Feiglin, MK, decided that while he was up on the Temple Mount anyway, he'd go visit the Dome of the Rock but discovered he couldn't go in.  It's restricted to Muslims.  Only Muslims.

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Extreme Feiglin is trying to break into the Dome of the Rock

"Aqsa Foundation for the stop and heritage" in a statement on Monday 4 \ 4 \ 2013 said that a member of the Knesset and leader of the Likud party, Moshe Feiglin tried morning Monday storming and desecration of the Dome of the Rock, taking advantage of it, "parliamentary immunity", but the guards Aqsa worshipers and students science in the Far confronted him and banned him and forced him to go out beyond the borders of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and prevail in the meantime the atmosphere of tension and anger around the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and resound takbeers.The Al-Aqsa Foundation that this is not the first time that storm Feiglin, the Al-Aqsa Mosque and performs Talmudic prayers inside the yard, but that he tried to break into the Dome of the Rock Mosque indicate a serious escalation calls to stand with him.For its part, considered Aqsa Foundation Feiglin attempt to break into the Dome of the Rock, is dangerous demonstrates the persistence of Jewish groups and leaders of the Israeli establishment in the Nile from the al-Aqsa mosque...Aqsa Foundation called the Arab and Islamic worlds to more attention to what is going on in the Al Aqsa Mosque of violations by the leaders of the Israeli establishment and the religious parties. The organization stressed the need to curb these abuses and promotion to support the Al Aqsa Mosque...

In the introduction to his book 'The Temple Mount '-HARav Goren wrote: "there is no doubt that, in truth, when there is a risk to taking" outsiders on Mount Moriah, even entering the azara (inner courtyard), to not let them have a grasp of the Mount, that the ascent of the Jews on the mountain in this State is considered stronger than a foreign takeover and occupiation. "
Since I became a member of the Knesset, which means a representative of Jewish sovereignty in the land of Israel, I felt that these words of Rabbi Goren require me to enter anywhere in the Mount. This morning, I did not imageine how right I was. It turns out the the Dome of the rock (not a mosque) was blocked two years ago for Jews and tourists. "Only Muslims are allowed," said a Waqf official nicely. I explained to the officer, the police had arrived, that by law a MK cannot be blocked. The officer's response was astounding: "this place belongs to the Muslim Waqf ". Here in the heart of the land of Israel, the Holy of Holies, exist actual Muslim sovereignty -simply because a foot path not Jewish it due to holiness.
It is important to emphasize that I am not calling on all Jews to start to ascend to where the temple itself was -there is a difference between a member of the Knesset for the general public, but what was a clear admission of morning is a loss of Jewish sovereignty on the Temple Mount and we all need to change the situation.
I intend to contact the legal advisor today to clarify the status of sovereignty on the Temple Mount and the violation of the law of Israel. (Translated by Bing)


Feiglin in Hebrew.


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Eliyahu S. said...

Congratulations to MK Feiglin for uncovering, publicizing, and addressing this serious and surreptitious attack on Israeli soveriignty. And kudos to you, too, Yisrael, for making people lilke me, who don't have enough time for more conventioanl news sources, aware of the issue.