Monday, March 04, 2013

On Jewish Humor

Most of you know I try to have a sense of humor.

Okay, so it's my sense of senseless at times.

So it was with joy I learned that "Old Jews Telling Jokes" is now a real show.

And from an interview:

...What’s so funny about Jews in particular telling jokes?
The way we would like to put it in our ads but we can’t is, everybody know Jews are funnier than Mormons. The essence of humor is pain. There’s a butt of the joke, and in Jewish humor, the Jew in the joke is the butt of the joke. He’s not the victim. It’s this self-deprecatory nature. It’s distinctive, and it’s very much in the mainstream of American humor.
Now that it’s going on the road, how do you think the show will play in other cities?
Where the Jewish population is highest, that’s where we’re most confident. New Yorkers, you don’t have to be Jewish to understand Jewish humor. And it’s not all Jewish. But that attitude is familiar to people in the Northeast, generally.
...There’s a series of monologues in the show, and one is based on an interview with my former boss, colleague and good friend John Huey explaining growing up Christian and Protestant in Atlanta and discovering the world of Jewish humor from the television set.
Do you have a favorite one-liner?
The best way to kill a joke is put it in writing. People don’t call each other with jokes anymore. They don’t emanate from the world they used to emanate from, the financial industry, with the gallows sense of humor. Our humor’s much less topical today.

Comments welcomed but you must include a joke.

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