Monday, June 15, 2009

New Temple Mount Novel

I have noted close to ten novels dealing with the Temple Mount over the years at my blog. (Here together with here, and here and also here, for example)

Frank Shapiro, a former high school history teacher and assistant researcher at the Museum of the Diaspora, has written God's Elect, his first novel.

From its blurb:

On Jerusalem's Temple Mount, masses demonstrate for the rebuilding of Solomon's Temple, fired by rumours that the Temple Treasures, taken to Rome two thousand years previously by Titus, are making their way to Israel. But what is behind this newly elected Pope's statesmanlike gesture of releasing these holy vessels? Is this the trigger ushering in the triumph of Christianity over Islam and the hastening of the End of Days - the war of Gog and Magog?

Nothing is at is seems - not even the Pope. A fanatical sect has embedded itself in the heart of Christendom, and is determined to change the fate of the world. This is the backdrop for a clash of civilizations, led by the rise of religious fanaticism - both Christian and Muslim!

The book's site.

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