Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Watch Out Lauren, Israelis Do Funny Things With Phones

Lauren Booth, a half-sister of Cherie Blair and therefore a sister-in-law of Middle East EU peace maker, former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, was quoted as describing Gaza as "the largest concentration camp in the world today".

Stuck in Gaza, she uses the cellphone a lot:

However, this juxtaposition I found so indictaive of the idiocy of her political leanings:

The nice smiling gentleman in the poster on the left is Sheikh Yassin.


Sheikh Ahmed Yassin. Founder of Hamas.

Can you recognize him now?

So, there goes Booth, blithely promoting good will under the gaze of the person who sought to continue the work of Hitler and others and to turn Israel not into a concentration camp but into a crematorium.

Given Israeli propensity for eliminating enemies via explosive charges planted in cellphones (*), should Lauren be more careful?

Naw. Israel gets rough only with real dangerous people, not fools.



Ayyash was assassinated by the Israeli Shabak in 1996. Shabak tricked a friend of Ayyash's into giving him a bomb-laden cell phone. When Ayyash used it, Shabak detonated it, killing him instantly.


triLcat said...

Lauren Booth and her ilk really don't get it. These are not friends with a legitimate complaint that needs to be heard.

These are people who want to KILL EVERY JEW.

We want to live in our homeland, given to us by G-d and the UN. And be alive.

There's really no place for compromise.

Anonymous said...

I just want to say that your comparison of Sir Yassin with Hitler is so stupid, just look at the way the zionazis killed him and you will have a good idea of the bad people ! if we the muslims wanted to kill every jew, we will not accept them to live among us since the beginning of our existance ! the problem with the jews today, is the fact that they believe themselves above all, the chosen ones, and that they are allowed to do everthing to other people and especially the muslims

finally don't thik that you will stay there forever ! your last kingdom lasted 170 years ! this one will not stay longer