Monday, September 15, 2008

News About Dutch News

Alerted by EJC - the European Journalism Center, I found this interesting news item about the news, Muslim news in the Netherlands:-

New Dutch public broadcaster for Muslims planned

and the details include:-

A new public broadcasting foundation for Dutch Muslims is in the making. Zenit says it wants to make programmes based on the real world experiences of Dutch Muslims...The target for Zenit is to have 50,000 paying members by April 2009.The director of public broadcaster VARA, Vera Keur, thinks this is a 'promising initiative'. VARA is supporting Zenit by offering practical help with the recruitment of members.


One of the initiators, Radi Suudi, told the TV current affairs programme Nova that the broadcaster doesn't plan to air programming discussing Islamic beliefs, and some of the programming will appeal to 'secular as well as religious Muslims'.


My questions:

a. while pluralism is commendable, exactly what is a "real world experience"?

(Hint: Theo van Gogh)

b. in the eyes of Muslims, is there such a category as "secular Islam"?

c. will there be oversight and will the Dutch authorities be willing to intervene to prevent incitement and subversion?

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