Monday, December 10, 2018

The Forward's Anti-Semitism Problem

For two years now, The Forward has been hyping charges of anti-Semitism aimed at President Trump.

The latest, Batya Ungar-Sargon's

Trump Just Accused Jews Of Loving Israel, Not America - 

And His Fans Cheered Anyway

and she clarified her intention

The President’s remarks are deeply offensive. They take the classic anti-Semitic canard that Jews have dual loyalties to their home country and to Israel and go one step further, suggesting that Jews have only one loyalty — to Israel.

Not only that, but the President contrasted the singular loyalty of American Jews to Israel with the love shown by Vice President Pence, who is able to love both America and Israel.

Amazingly, his audience of right wing Jews applauded. Their applause for the President’s casual anti-Semitic remark is staggering,

This afternoon, this popped into my mailbox and I highlighted its problematic character:

Are they so blind not to see what they are doing to destroy the fabric not only of ethical journalism rather than a mobilized one but they are contributing to the very anti-Semitism fomenting they decry?


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