Sunday, December 02, 2018

The Arabs Started Shooting on November 30, 1947

The newspapers in Mandate Palestine reported in the editions of December 1, 1947 that the previous evening Arabs had attacked Jews, shooting and killing and injuring them.

In Jerusalem, as Davar reported, at 8:45 PM, nurses being transported to Hadassah Hospital on Mount Scopus were shot at while driving through the Nashashibi neighborhood:

The bus was riddled with eight bullets. The Nashashibi neighborhood is today's Sheikh Jarrah. The first Nashashibi clan house was built where now the Ambassador Hotel stands. They were driving along the road that later would be the site of the Hadassah Convoy Massacre, now called Derech Har HaZeitim*.

The Palestine Post reports, it would seem, an additional incident in Jerusalem as well as the major terror attack on Tel Aviv's border with Jaffa:

There were Nashashibi houses near St. Stephens' (Flowers) Gate so it may have been along today's Suleiman Sultan Street.


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Anonymous said...

They started the Civil War. to take over the whole of Mandatory Palestine
the day after the 2 State resolution was passed

They have not stopped fighting that Civil War to this very day ----------claiming all of the Land