Monday, March 26, 2018

Which Paschal Sacrifice Ceremony You Attending?

Are you upset about the Paschal Sacrifice exercise today near the Temple Mount?
Let's get things straight.
In First, Far-right Jews Sacrifice Lamb Near Temple MountFor the first time the group was allowed to hold the ceremony just a few hundred meters from the Mount which is administered by a Muslim religious trust
And if you are upset with all the blood, and fire and barbecuing as expressions of primitive religious fanaticism (as if Israel's Independence Day "mangal" festival upsets you), relax.
You can attend a similar event without the tension on April 29th.
Same lamb (multiple actually). Same blood and fire. And even Haaretz deals sympathetically with the issue.
I was reminded by Arnon Segal that this August 21 begins the Id Al-Adha Muslim holiday of the sacrifice
Muslims around the globe will be celebrating “Eid al-Adha” by offering an animal (a sheep, goat or cow) for slaughtering, to commemorate “Abraham’s ultimate willingness to sacrifice.” Muslims are reminded to understand the virtue of true sacrifice beyond the ceremonial slaughtering of the animal.