Sunday, March 25, 2018

Haaretz Commentator Untrustworthy?

On March 18th, this headline appeared over Zvi Bar'el's column:

The column can be compared to another commentary from two days previously:


and to this news item of March 23:

Hamas, PA trade accusations after assassination attempt on PM

which includes this bit:

The unity government in Ramallah, however, issued a statement on the same day, rejecting Hamas’ story on the death of the main suspect, accusing the movement of making up false and misleading scenarios. The Ramallah-based government reiterated that Hamas is to be held fully responsible for Hamdallah's assassination attempt.

Can you trust Haaretz commentary?

And then there is this:

“This is targeting the national project, a Palestinian state, not just reconciliation,” said al-Dajani. As such, he suggested, Israel could also have been behind the attack, a view echoed by Omar Jaara, an Israel affairs professor at An-Najah.

“This attack reflects an Israeli vision of foiling reconciliation to deepen the separation between Gaza and West Bank to promote the American ‘deal of the century.’”

from Hamza Abu Eltarabesh, a journalist from Gaza.

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