Sunday, December 31, 2017

Is the ODS Odd?

Caught this item by my friend Daoud Kuttab:

ODS Movement looks to popularize one-state solution for Palestine
The Popular Movement for One Democratic State in Historic Palestine (ODS) is stepping up efforts to increase the awareness and the popularity of its cause. ODS spokesman Radi Jarai told Arab News that his movement wants to make the concept “much more accessible and understandable to people.”Jarai, an active member of Palestine’s nationalist Fatah party who has spent years in Israeli prisons, said the movement is currently made up of academics and thinkers...ODS was founded in March 2013 and welcomes both Jews and Palestinians as members.
...Yoav Haifawi, an Israeli activist and publisher of the Free Haifa blog, told Arab News that he is a longtime supporter of the one-state concept.“The biggest obstacle we face is that Israel is a privileged country for Jews. Therefore, as a colonial state that gives privileges through discrimination, the decolonization of Palestine cannot happen as long as Israel is strong and Palestinians are weak.”

Uri Davis, a Jewish member of Fatah, told Arab News that the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) is the representative of the Palestinian people...The one-state solution, Davis said, would mean a change “from the current state of affairs into a single Palestinian sovereignty (stretching) from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River under a liberal-democratic Palestinian Constitution; single Palestinian citizenship; and a single Palestinian currency, hopefully leading to a socialist democratic Federal Republic of Palestine.”

Few PLO factions have been supportive of ODS so far...

I am not sure that the state has to be socialist, I would oppose after Israel's experiment in socialism until 1977, but I suggest that the group consider:

a) including Jordan in the territory for after all, it was part of Palestine

b) trying out a federation or condominium arrangement forst for a while


c) try Israel as the one state.  That way, no Arabs need kill Arabs as with almost every other Arab state.

The foundation declaration is here.



Joe in Australia said...

If members of Fatah actually wanted a democratic state they'd be pushing for elections for the PA. They're not, so I can't take this "One Democratic State" business seriously. said...

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