Thursday, August 31, 2017

'We Have to Escort the Fearful Children'

One of the campaigns of the anti-occupationists is the escorting of fearful Arab children who are threatened by some Jews using violence or so claimed. A 2006 report and one from 2014.  And an article on Operation Dove.  A recent story.

And what did I recall?

This picture:

The caption:
Since the British occupation of Jerusalem, Palestine, after the old city had been held for four days by Arabs, a measure of calm has descended on the district...British police captain leading Jewish kiddies to safety away from Arab snipers during the reoccupation of the old city of Jerusalem in Palestine, Israel on Oct. 24, 1938, by the British. (AP Photo/James Mills)

Times change?

P.S.  And as for the recent Arab claim to be prevented from reaching the Haram A-Sharif in July?

An Arab, armed with a sub-machine gun, stands guard at Jerusalem's Wailing Wall on Feb. 23, 1948. Jews are being kept from this centuries-old holy place by Arabs for the first time since the Arab-Jewish disorders in 1939. (AP Photo/JP)
Ref #: PA.7436344
Date: 23/02/1948

Not until 1967, 19 years later, could Jews approach the Western Wall.

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