Thursday, August 31, 2017

Correcting an Error

This picture I have seen numerous times in Mandate history books and it has always been used to illustrate the 'Bevingrad' tactic of the British to establish security zones.

But, it seems, while there had been barbed-wire in that area, at the time of this photograph being snapped, this was the caption:

Barbed wire covers the entire roadway for 105 yards on Princess Mary Ave. in Jerusalem at Zion Square on May 19, 1948. The wire is meant to keep Arabs and Jews from coming in contact. The Jewish State of Israel was proclaimed on May 15, and Britain was forced to surrender its 25-year mandate. On this day, the Old City of Jerusalem appeared in imminent danger of being wrested from its Jewish defenders by Palestine’s King Abdullah’s desert legion. In the background is the Jewish section. Right at center is the police headquarters. (AP Photo)Ref #: PA.8650556Date: 19/05/1948


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