Thursday, August 17, 2017

How To Be Stupid vis-a-vis Trump

Whatever one's politics, can we get the facts and history correct.

Here's a Washington Post caricature:

1. Germany attacked. First.

2. The (eventual) Allied forces did nothing for six years and the US waited over two years to join the fight.  Under a Democratic administration. Under an anti-Semitic President who assisted the Holocaust happening.

3. And to be clear:

a) I oppose Nazis. 

b) I have beat up on Nazis. 

c) In America, there is a right to assemble and only a court can curtail that.   There was violence on both sides.  That is a fact, not a moral perception.

d) This is Judaism: "Rabbi Chanina, deputy to the kohanim, would say: Pray for the integrity of the government; for were it not for the fear of its authority, a man would swallow his neighbor alive."

e) Judging from here in Israel, there is more danger from Antifa than KKKooks and I think Jews on campus can attest. 

f) I am surprised people who have engaged me and stoop to using such naarischkeit comparisons and such a facile argument as " Yisrael Medad - Wait, what about those Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto, didn't they use violence against Nazis? I think there's plenty of blame to place on both sides"

Or this:

Yisrael Medad You are a defender of nazis and an utter disgrace to our people.
No threat that Jewish people feel from those raised to hate us on college campuses or anywhere else should turn us into nazi sympathizers or Nazis.
Nothing Obama ever did was coming from anywhere than an honest effort to make the world a better place for all people. But yes, he was half-black. which I know caused people raised to be racist uncomfortable.
Although I have enjoyed our interactions and found your perspective interesting, for the sake of honoring the memory of my father who survived Hitler Germany and who taught me to fight nazism, I can not continue contact with you.

In fact, I feel dirty from having interacted with you at all, even if out of curiosity, for that is how disgusting and and repulsiveI find a Jew who sides with Nazis. G-d save you from your own evil heart.

g) Is Trump smart in his public spesking? No. Was he wrong, a bit. He was not comparing groups but their behavior.



Stephen Franklin said...

When comparing the behaviour of both sides remember that a left wing demonstrator was murdered by a right winger.

Right wing demonstrators carried Nazi flags and shouted out antisemitic slogans in unison.

Trump was wrong not to make it clear that the behaviour of the right wing thugs at Charlotteville was beyond the pale and whatever the left wing demonstrators did there was insignificant by comparison.

YMedad said...

a) there was violence on both sides.

b) a Nazi could have easily killed.

c) again, I think Trump had more on his mind the breakdown of law and order.

d) could he have been clearer and more intelligent, yes. does not being so make him the leader of right-wing undemocratic racists, I don;t think so

Anonymous said...

Actually far left persons in the US are, philosophically, Nazis. The driving force behind the Nazi treatment of other population groups was the concept of eugenics. Eugenics urges one to believe in one's race over others as superior, etc. Simply put, the bottom line of eugenics is that some people - Jews, Catholics, gypsies, homosexuals, etc. -- are "inferior," "not human" and so plain "undesirable" and "unwanted." Abortion in the USA was pushed in the 1920s and 1930s by so-called "progressives" who believed in eugenics, and in many cases, associated closely with Nazis and supporters of Nazis, including the KKK. Unborn children are subjected to massacre by the millions through abortion simply because they are "unwanted" and "undesirable", the ultimate result and goal of the philosophy of eugenics. So modern day left wing support for abortion in the US puts all left wingers, including the demonstrators in Charlottesville, in the same exact "place" as Nazis. Simply put, the far left wing and the far right wing in America are two sides of the same evil totalitarian fascist/communist coin. Any Christian or Jew who cannot see the one idea - eugenics - which directly binds the Holocaust with modern day abortion is simply blinded to the truth.