Sunday, November 06, 2016

UNESCO Paralleled in 1939 Caricature

On May 17, 1939, the White Paper policy for the Palestine Mandate was announced and a week later, it passed a vote in Parliament:

Question put, "That this House approves the policy of His Majesty's Government relating to Palestine as set out in Command Paper No. 6019."

The House divided: Ayes, 268; Noes, 179

Davar newspaper of May 25 carried this caricature:

A book [White Paper] for a book [the Bible].


SF sent me this:

The white paper was also a breach of the terms of the League of Nations Mandate and identified as such by the League of Nations Permanent Mandate Commission in their report ( p2 attached) of June 1939. 

The Mandatory’s new statement of policy was examined by the Permanent Mandates Commission at their thirty-sixth session in June, 1939. the commission reported that:
      “the policy set out in the White Paper was not in accordance with the interpretation which, in agreement with the Mandatory Power and the Council, the Commission had always placed upon the Palestine Mandate.”

They went on to consider whether the Mandate was open to a new interpretation with which the White Paper would not be at variance. Four of the seven members
      “did not feel able to state that the policy of the White Paper was in conformity with the Mandate, any contrary conclusion appearing to them to be ruled out by the very terms of the Mandate and by the fundamental intentions of its authors.”

The other three members “were unable to share this opinion; they consider that existing circumstances would justify the policy of the White Paper, provided the Council did not oppose it.”


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