Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Just Who Is An Anti-Semite

My dear fellow Jews,

There is a difference between a non-Jew (or even a Jew, to our growing horror) not liking a Jew and not wishing to mingle with us and a non-Jew (or a Jew) actually hating a Jew and then wishing to do him/her physical harm, deny him work, kick him out of schools, degrade publicly, etc.

Anti-Semitism is, as Jabotinsky phrased it, the

"progressive economic degradation of...Jewry, the systematic stultification of its legal equality...and many recurrent and unchecked outbursts of brutal violence"

in relating to inter-war Poland as the example.

If you think Trump and Co. are crazy, the solution for you is not to become crazier and more irrational.


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