Sunday, November 27, 2016

France's Regulations Should Be Worded Exact & Correct

Here is a section of the new French regulations on goods produced in that part of the Land of Israel not yet under Israel's full sovereignty:

For products from the West Bank or the Golan Heights originating from settlements, a restriction to "product originating in the Golan Heights" or "product originating in the West Bank" is not acceptable. Although these expressions refer to the broad area or territory from which the product originates, the omission of additional geographical information to the effect that the product originates from Israeli settlements may mislead the consumer True origin of the product. In such cases it is necessary to add, in brackets, the expression "Israeli colony" or equivalent terms. Thus, expressions such as "product originating in the Golan Heights (Israeli colony)" or "products originating in the West Bank (Israeli colony)" may be used.

I was wondering: do products in that same geographical area but not produced in Jewish communities need to be registered/labeled as "hummus produced in Arab-occupied Samaria" or "olive oil originating in Arab-occupied Judea"?

The additional geographical information is that those areas, Samaria and Judaea, are the ones the United Nations used to describe the border of the Jewish and Aerab states to arise as a reult of the 1947 partition plan (which the Arabs rejected, launched a war of aggression and then had Jordan occupy and annex):

The boundary of the hill country of Samaria and Judea starts on the Jordan River at the Wadi Malih south-east of Beisan...

So, if the French want to be just and correct, let them employ the correct nomenclature and the genuine legal standing of the areas.


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Anonymous said...

Quite correct, as most of us know, regarding the language of the Mandate and UN Partition Resolution.

But a more important or useful question might be:

1) What about Arab products from Arab communities in Areas B & C?
2) And further: since many "progressives" and of course BDS supporters regard even Area A as "occupied": does that mean they would shun Arab products from the PA?

"Palestinian" olive oil, anyone?