Thursday, December 10, 2015

Zionists, Zionism and Ostjordanland

On August 6, 1923, the Thirteenth Zionist Congress, convened in Carlsbad, Czechoslovakia, and discussed details of the Palestine Mandate.  One of these details was Article 25 of the League of Nations decision in 1922 which read:
In the territories lying between the Jordan and the eastern boundary of Palestine as ultimately determined, the Mandatory shall be entitled, with the consent of the Council of the League of Nations, to postpone or withhold application of such provisions of this mandate as he may consider inapplicable to the existing local conditions, and to make such provision for the administration of the territories as he may consider suitable to those conditions, provided that no action shall be taken which is inconsistent with the provisions of Articles 1516 and 18.
In its decisions. specifically D5, the Congress rejected that 'postponement' or 'withholding of application'.  Here it is:

In the typed minutes:

Trans- and Cis-Jordan are "one historical, geographic and economic unit" and "in accordance with the legitimate demands of the Jewish people", the Congress expects that an expression of such will be achieved in Transjordan and eventually it will be carried out.
And you know that Jews pressed for Jewish residency therein?

But now that I am thinking about it, this is one proof that the Zionist Movement, at the time, displayed disagreement with the British policy, declared its fundamental disagreement and never ceased to attempt to assert Jewish rights on the eastern portion of Eretz-Yisrael.


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