Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Neturei Karta Goes Arabic

The extreme Neturei Karta gang is at it again.

They tried to placate the Muslims back in 1931

and now, another attempt, in 2015 by publishing an ad in Arabic in Al-Quds 

which reads, in part:

...F. Orthodox Jewry has declared, and continues to declare, that Zionists do not represent the Jewish People. Therefore, the statements of Zionist leaders and spokespeople, their declarations, and their actions do not have any connection to the Jewish People. Unfortunately, we hardly have a platform from which to voice the truth, as it is strangled and silenced by the Zionist leadership.

G. Recently, the Temple Mount issue has created quite a storm. We wish to clarify as follows:

a. Since the destruction of the Temple, Jews have been forbidden to set foot on the Temple Mount. The status quo of Judaism for the past two thousand years has been to completely prohibit ascending the Temple Mount. This prohibition was reiterated this year by every authentic Jewish Rabbi and Rabbinical Court without exception.

b. Specifically in these times, when ascending the Temple Mount results in conflict, we are forbidden from setting foot on the Temple Mount per another commandment of the Torah, which obliges us to behave in pleasant, peaceful ways.

H. Orthodox Jews have recently exerted much effort in holding back individuals who planned to ascend the Temple Mount. To a great extent, they were successful, and many Jews who visited the Temple Mount in the past have ceased this practice. The hope is to continue keeping people away from the Temple Mount as much as possible.

I. We stretch our hands out to you in peace, and we once again declare that we wish to live with friendship and fraternity with our Arabic [?] neighbors and the Palestinians as we did in the past. We pray to G-d that we may reach a peaceful agreement with mutual understanding, without any loss of human lives – neither Palestinian or Jewish – at all. Every human casualty is a tragedy. Every human being was created by G-d, and the Torah commands us to treat him or her with respect, without regard to his or her nationality, type, or background.

We hope and pray for the day when the entire world will recognize G-d’s Kingdom. This conflict will end. When the dust settles, peace will reign. At that time, whoever had promoted peace and friendship will be rewarded by G-d. “G-d has not found another vessel for blessing but peace.”

True Torah Jews 
For more information about Jews opposing Zionism: truetorahjews.com

(More in Hebrew

They never seem to learn or is it that their interpretation of Judaism is all wrong?  Not to mention their comprehension of Islamist thinking.


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