Tuesday, December 08, 2015

How Much Did Uri Blau Receive?

Uri Blau published a report on US charity donations, totally legal, to Jewish communities across the Green Line.

Nothing really new as anyone who reads this blog knows (here and here)* and I think Blau got his money almost for doing nothing.

Turns out, the report was the result of a grant.  From this group, the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting .

Anyone know how much he received?

Oh, and anyone investigating how much money pro-Pal. groups are receiving?


* And here, from the other side.


Twitter exchange:

  1. Less than any settlement or organization mentioned in my investigation. None of it, unfortunately, is tax-exempt

    Tweet text
  2. that is not a figure. that's an approximation, like in "he approximated the truth in his story".

Well, list of his possible donors is here.


NGO-Monitor notes NIF funding for anti-settlement activities and there are others, like Peace Now, JVP, B'tselem, etc.  Will Blau investigate them?  After all his theme was US money interfering in Israel's happenings or was he only concerned about one side of the story?



Thor said...

Dear Sir, for how long have you wished for your plight to succeed with hatred towards those who accidentally happedened to take up residence on your land? Is ther possibly another way?

YMedad said...

Esteemed Thor, no hatred. only deep concern for my and my family's and friends and fellow Jews' safety, security and survival.