Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The NYTimes' Diaa Hadid and the Wicked Witches of the Waqf

CAMERA has already criticized the piece in the New York Times on the ladies who I started calling the "Wicked Witches of the Waqf" back in March 2013 (and several more times).

What Diaa Hadid does not manage to include or mention-in-passing, and which I found insulting and not only unprofessional journalism, is the violence of these women, especially, for example, against infant children last year just after Pesach, including verbal insults and threats, spitting and actually hitting.  It was filmed. This wasn't the only instance.  Here they are this morning.  They are there now every day. All she does is quote an spokesman:

Mr. Rosenfeld said, the women have progressed from chanting at Jewish visitors to chasing them;

He said, they said.

The are violating the human rights and the law in what they are doing.  They are actively interfering with this paragraph of Israel's Law for the Protection of the Holy Places:

Whosoever does anything likely to violate the freedom of access of the members of the different religions to the places sacred to them or their feelings with regard to those places shall be liable to imprisonment for a term of five years.

And as I have pointed out previously, Muslims are seeking, no less than Jews, to return in Spain to places they hold holy (and suspected of threatening with terror) but they will not tolerate Jews seeking what they do. They demand heritage recognition but Jews are not equal to them. Hadad couldn't include that interesting aspect?

She also writes this:

A small group of religious Jews have for years sought to pray at the site, and more Jews have visited in the past few years, increasing tensions 

It's the fault of the Jews - not of the intolerant Muslims, who cannot even share (unless they are forced to as in Hebron), or even recognize the Jewish historical past and heritage of the site, who have no though of religious coexistence.  The Jews are bothering the Muslims, the Muslims who conquered Jerusalem and originally honored the location of the Temple and permitted Jews to visit.

But at the least, she notes an alteration of the status quo - in favor of the Muslims -

“they have changed the dynamic.”

And, for the readers with sensitive reactions, she includes this:

a woman hollered — “Settlers!” — referring to religious Jews

Prejuducial identification attitudes there.  And she does note this:

One older woman, in particular, called Jews pigs and apes.

But draws no conclusions from langauge like this to thinking on Jews to actions against Jews.



NormanF said...

Israeli official apartheid against Jewish worshipers is called maintaining the status quo.

Arab boldness to overturn even the limited rights Jews have that are called the status quo is openly tolerated by the authorities.

One mustn't get in the way of Arab Jew-hatred, lest Israel be blamed. Israel gets no credit for indulging the Arabs in their anti-Semitism.

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