Monday, April 06, 2015

Iran and The Wife Who Slit Her Husband's Throat

I'm serious.

If you do not think that Iran is serious about eliminating Israel and that it is rational, read this news item and replace, where appropriate, the words wife/woman with Iran and husband with Israel:

DILLONVALE, Ohio – A Dillonvale woman charged with attempted murder and aggravated assault after authorities say she claimed she was dreaming about filleting a fish when she sliced her husband's throat in his sleep went before a Jefferson County judge for her arraignment Monday. Bond was set at half a million dollars for Judy Jones, 44, in a shocking case of domestic violence that authorities say could have ended in murder if the couple’s daughter hadn’t acted. "She made threats that she was going to kill him,” Jefferson County Sheriff Fred Abdalla said. “And she almost did early Saturday morning. So she's been charged now with the prosecutor handling the case got her charged with felony 1s and 2 for attempted murder and aggravated assault." This all happened at the family's home at 19 2nd Street in Dillionvale and Abdalla said this isn’t the first time Judy Jones thought about killing her husband.

My point?

One would think people just do not do these things.

But they do.

And Iran will seek to attack Israel when convenient and continue its terrorism program to destabilize the Middle East and then attack, eventually, the democratic West.

It has happened before.

It will happen again.

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