Sunday, April 26, 2015

"Some" History a la the NYRB

I found this encapsulation in a book review in the far-left NY Review of Books

In 1929, when some Palestinian Arabs organized a violent opposition to Jewish settlement and killed some Jews, the British colonial government suppressed the rebellion and enforced a peaceful coexistence of Jews and Arabs. 

A.  That first "some" included thousands of Arabs across the entire country.

B.  That second "some" was 133 Jews, almost 70 of them in Hebron, brutally and violently done to death.

C.  That enforced suppression didn't last more than a few months.  And there was no peaceful coexistence.

Did you expect better editing from the NYRB?


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advis3r said...

Also "opposition to Jewish Settlement" there had been a Jewish presence in Hebron since the expulsion by the Romans.