Friday, November 28, 2014

Is There Jewish Archaeology?

I don't think so and for sure, our radical progressive liberals would denounce that.  So particularistic, so narrow, so anti-cultural.

I did find a recent conference entitled Archéologie du judaïsme en France et en Europe but if my French is still good, that should mean the 'archaeology of Judaism' otherwise the adjective 'juive' should have been used.

However, I did find this:-

Whilst in the past Islamic archaeology was often regarded as peripheral to the main areas of interest within Near Eastern Archaeology it has now emerged as an integral part of the study of the archaeology of the region. Recent sessions at BANEA have incorporated papers on Islamic archaeology both within the general sessions and within workshops however there has not been a specific session which addresses some of the issues of particular significance to the Islamic period (approx. 622- 1914). Islamic archaeology was last represented as a special session at BANEA in the 1990’s since then there have been many developments including numerous fieldwork projects, a large number of synthetic and thematic studies, several introductory books and most recently the launch of a new journal Islamic Archaeology. In view of these developments it seems appropriate to have a workshop which looks at the current state of this rapidly growing field of enquiry within Middle Eastern Archaeology.

More interestingly, one of the 'key themes' includes

• Archaeology and Conflict

I wonder, do they mean something like this

or something like this

or this

or this

which, 13 years later, is still problematic

Will there be a paper at that session dealing with this?

'Waqf Temple Mount excavation damaged archaeological relics'
State Comptroller's report finds that the Muslim religious trust carried out works without permits and used heavy equipment damaging the Jerusalem holy site.

And if want to assist with salvaging the damage done on the Temple Mount by the Islamic Waqf (a Jordanian institution), go here.


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that is the National Stock Number for a Hebrew bible, authorized to be issued to US military & government personnel.

by the way, is there NOT ONE other individual besides myself, who thinks that the Druzim are entitled to have AT LEAST ONE of their clergymen appointed as an IDF Officer?