Friday, November 14, 2014

Evidence of Jewish Presence

In this book, Corpus Inscriptionum Iudaeae/Palaestinae. Volume III: South Coast: 2161-2648. Corpus Inscriptionum Iudaeae/Palaestinae: a multi-lingual corpus of the inscriptions from Alexander to Muhammad edited by Walter Ameling, Hannah M. Cotton, Werner Eck, Benjamin Isaac, Alla Kushnir-Stein, Haggai Misgav, Jonathan Price, Ada Yardeni, you can read of a find, among others:- 

Four Greek inscriptions of the 5th and early 7th century CE 
from the synagogues of Ascalon (nos. 2321-24)


In the area also referred to as Eretz-Yisrael?  The Land of Israel.  The territory of the Jewish national home?

Hundreds of years after the failed revolt against Rome and after centuries of Byzantine rule?

And there is this, a 

bronze inscription...proclaiming privileges for the local Jews that Julius Caesar decreed in 44 BCE 

This then must really be the land of the Jews with a continuous presence even after loss of political power and sovereginty.

And that the Arab denial of our presence, our religious and cultural attachment must be false.


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