Friday, November 14, 2014

How Dare the Majority

Seems Jon Stewart was interviewed.

In part of it, I found this:-

Interviewer Jon Dekel: "You can’t criticize Israel, right?

Stewart: "No. And you can’t observe (Judaism) in the way you want to observe. And I never thought that that would be coming from brethren. I find it really sad, to be honest.

Interviewer: "I know the feeling."

Stewart: "Yeah, and you see it and it is pretty vicious. And how are you lesser? How are you lesser? It’s fascistic. And the idea that they can tell you what a Jew is. How dare they?
 That they only know the word of God and are the ones who are able to disseminate it. It’s not right. And it’s something that they’re going to have to reckon with.

I left this comment there:

am just wondering what adjective Stewart would use to describe people who dare to tell the majority of Jews that their Judaism, practiced for 2000+ years, and which was so practiced by Jews in 70 different countries over 6 continents by Ashkenazim and Sfaradim is so wrong that the minority can tell them they are fascistic and wrong.

I can ignore his Israel angle (“A thousand more acres in the West Bank? Why?” ) but his hubris in demanding the right to tell everyone else why he can be a different Jew is bothersome.


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