Monday, February 03, 2014

Arab Arithmetic (Updated)

I learned from here that

Jewish settlers on Sunday vandalized private Palestinian agricultural lands north of Ramallah and uprooted more than 1000 olive trees and newly planted saplings, a Palestinian official said.
Ghassan Daghlas, a Palestinian Authority official who monitors settlement-related activities in the northern West Bank, told Ma'an that a group of settlers from the Shilo settlement uprooted more than 1000 saplings in the village of Sinjil north of Ramallah. 

And from here that

Israeli settlers Sunday uprooted around 1625 olive trees belonging to Palestinians in the towns of Turmus Ayyaand and Sinjl, near Ramallah, according to a local official.
Head of sinjil municipality Ayoob Sowaid told WAFA that settlers uprooted around 1200 newly planted olive trees in Sinjil, in addition to around 425 trees in Turmus Ayya.
This is the second attack by settlers in less than a week; settlers earlier in the week also uprooted around a 1000 olive saplings and seized them.

That Sunday is the same Sunday, that is, today's Sunday. 

They are so good at arithmetic.

I am not.

How many plants were uprooted?



468 olive trees were damaged in two Palestinian plots in Turmus Ayyaand , and 350 fruit trees were damaged in a Palestinian plot in Sinjl. In both cases, the plots' owners were directed to file a complaint to the Israeli Police.

From COGAT spokesman.

That's less than 50% of the Arab claim.


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