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An Erekat Munich Moment

I was watching the late night news wrap-up at midnight last night on Channel One TV and heard Saeb Erekat at a press conference in Munich, sitting alongside Tzipi Livni.

He once again espoused the "Palestinian narrative" of a 10,000-year or so old history in Jericho (I can't, as yet, find a video*).

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Okay, now watching the news archived at IBA site and at 9:51 of the Chadashot Shabat, you can hear Erekat say, in English:

"I am the son of Jericho. I'm 10,0000 years old...I'm the proud son of the Natufians and the Canaanites.  I've been there 5,500 years before Yehoshua Bin-Nun came and burned my home town, Jericho...I 'm not going to change my narrative...asking me to accept the Jewish state is to ask I change my narrative...You have two choices, go to the UN to change your name or accept my recognition of the registered name."

And thanks to EOZ, we have this

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That myth has been dealt with.

What hasn't been dealt with is Israel's officialdom's shtum when such rantings are uttered in public (and she was sitting right next to him although I think I did see Ms. Livni raise an eyebrow or maybe simply lift her head in a gesture of "oh, there he goes again").  [See now below]

Erekat claims as ancestors all sorts of peoples - but mentioned in the Bible.

Erekat, for his part, said the Israeli demand that the PA recognize Israel as a Jewish state is unacceptable because, he claimed, he represents the Biblical Canaanites who “lived in the region 5,500 years before Joshua Bin-Nun came and burned my hometown Jericho.”

This is more of what I've termed "Palestinianism of Disinventivity" but it must stop because all it intends to do is to undermine the Jewish national ethos, which is bad enough.  Buit there is more. This line of thinking is intended to provide the Arabs, undeservedly, with an advantage: that they were, somehow, here first and therefore we Jews owe them rights, especially of "return".

He is a Canaanite (or Jebusite or whatever) as much as I am an Etruscan.


What's a "natopi"?  Oh, sorry, Natufian:

"The earliest known human society that we see in process of developing an economy based first on the systematic gathering of wild cereals and then on their artificial production was to be found in Palestine, Transjordan, and Lebanon between about 10,000 and 8000 B.C.  Dubbed by prehistorians 'Natufian' after the type site just north of Jerusalem, this culture wasthe product of a human type of slight build with long heads (dolichocephalic) that can confidently be classified as Homo sapiens." 
Donald B. Redford, Egypt, Canaan and Israel in Ancient Times p. 6, Princeton University Press, 1992



EOZ proves that Erekat's family came from Arabia. 

And let's now add from Reuven Berko:

...The Palestinian creativity is worthy of the "grotesque award."...Any Israeli listening to chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat explain to the participants of the Munich conference why the Palestinian Authority refuses to recognize the Jewish state, would immediately give him the "best joke of the year" and "most prolific imagination" awards.

Erekat, a Bedouin of Jordanian origin, carried on and on about how the Palestinians' national narrative claims that they are the descendants of the biblical Canaanites, and therefore "they were here first" and this land belongs to the Palestinians.

None of the European delegates protested, and all Justice Minister Tzipi Livni did was chuckle.

"Historian" Erekat explained that recognizing the Jewish nature of Israel would infringe on the Canaanite narrative, which gives the Palestinian prior claim to the land of Israel. This new "birth certificate" makes the question of the Palestinians' "paternity" all that more poignant, as they are made up of the various Arab nations.Erekat, in what can only be described as unprecedented folly, explained that the reason for the Palestinians' refusal to recognize Israel as the Jewish state stemmed from this prior Canaanite ownership, which they have no intention of giving up. In Munich, it seems, Erekat had declared the inception of "Canaanite Palestine" across the entire area of Israel. Cue the applause.

In the 1960s... Arafat's search for a "father" led him to claim that the Palestinians were the descendants of the biblical Jebusites.

...Many of the creators of the Palestinian narrative have claimed over the years that the Palestinians were of Philistine ancestry...To assert their claim to this land and justify their refusal to recognize Israel, the Palestinians have made up new forefathers -- the Canaanites. According to both the Bible and the Quran, these idol worshipers had become extinct and their land was given to the Jews -- so Erekat's statement actually did him a disservice.

It is natural for every bastard to invent a birth certificate naming a respectable father, but why would the Palestinians seek such dubious ones, and when are we going to fully realize with whom we are dealing?

And read Ali Salim.



Dan Kelso said...

Elder destroys the lies of Erekat.
Erekat's latest lie: "My family was in Palestine for 9000 years". They are really from Arabia.
From the Times of Israel:
February 02, 2014

Saeb Erekat, the chief Palestinian negotiator over the weekend again ruled out the notion of Palestinian recognition of Israel as a Jewish state. Speaking at a Munich conference, on a panel with his Israeli counterpart Tzipi Livni, Erekat said the demand was unacceptable: “When you say ‘accept Israel as a Jewish state’ you are asking me to change my narrative,” he claimed, asserting that his ancestors lived in the region “5,500 years before Joshua Bin-Nun came and burned my hometown Jericho.”
Joshua lived about 3,300 years ago, so Erekat is claiming that his family was in the region for nearly 9000 years.

Is this true?

Not even close.

Erekat was born in Abu Dis, near Jerusalem. I found an interview with another Erekat who was born in Abu Dis, named Hussein Mohamed Erekat. He says that his family actually comes from the Huwaitat region of the northwestern Arabian Peninsula.

Indeed, this article about the dialects and clans of Saudi Arabia confirms the existence of the Erekat (sometimes spelled Areikat or Ariqat) families in Huwaitat, and they are one of seven clans that ended up in Palestine.

Is Saeb a member of this clan? Yes, he is.

This Facebook page of the Erekat family traces the Erekat family history, and this article confirms that the family came from the Huwaitat region, and it also that mentions prominent Erekats - including Saeb.

That article also says that before Huwaitat, their ancestors emigrated from Medina.

All of the Erekats are related. Most of their most prominent members have held positions in Jordan's government or armed forces, but three PLO diplomats are from the family, including Saeb, the US representative of the PLO Maen Rashid Areikat, and the PLO's delegate to the Ukraine Khaled Erekat.

(Saeb is also implying that he was born in Jericho, but he wasn't.)

Saeb Erekat is, once again, lying. Just as we caught him lying many, many times before.

And after all these years of documented lies, no one in the media has had the guts to confront him. Because, you see, he may be a liar, but he is a moderate liar, and therefore deserves everyone's uncritical support.

And why should Israel have a problem signing a peace agreement with liars?

UPDATE: Erekat actually said "I am the son proud of the Canaanites who were there 5,500 years before Joshua bin Nun burned down the town of Jericho."

YMedad said...

Dan, I already linked to that in my post.

Dan Kelso said...

A real good article detailing the liar that Erekat is.
The Lies of Saeb Erekat
Dec 13, 2010