Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Who Cares What You Think, Roger Cohen?

Roger Cohen is at it, again.

In the NYTimes today, he pomposes about "My Jewish State":

...Then there is the rebounding Israel-is-a-Jewish-state bugbear: Netanyahu wants Palestinians to recognize his nation as such. He has recently called it “the real key to peace.” His argument is that this is the touchstone by which to judge whether Palestinians will accept “the Jewish state in any border” — whether, in other words, the Palestinian leadership would accept territorial compromise or is still set on reversal of 1948 and mass return to Haifa.

Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, says no; this “nyet” will endure. For Palestinians, such a form of recognition would amount to explicit acquiescence to second-class citizenship for the 1.6 million Arabs in Israel; undermine the rights of millions of Palestinian refugees;...

...This issue is a waste of time, a complicating diversion when none is needed....If Israel looks like a Jewish state and acts like a Jewish state, that is good enough for me — as long as it gets out of the corrosive business of occupation. Zionism, the one I identify with, forged a Jewish homeland in the name of restored Jewish pride in a democratic state of laws, not in the name of finicky insistence on a certain form of recognition, nor in the name of messianic religious Greater Israel nationalism.

Let's take one point of his:

 undermine the rights of millions of Palestinian refugees

and let's see what Arabs really think about it.

Here's President Hafez Asad back in May 1977 at the White House:

And that position has not changed for otherwise, why not accept Israel as a Jewish state?

Unless, of course, after a peace treaty is signed, it is not all that final and the 'right of return' becomes the next issue.

Cohen, you even admit:

It’s also true that Palestinians leaders, with zero democratic accountability, and through facile incitement, are not preparing their people for territorial compromise at or close to the 1967 lines.

Cohen, for a Jew, you're a failure for Israel.


P.S.   Here, on p. 382, on July 19, 1977, is how a real Jew addresses the question of refugees:



EOZ piles it on.



NormanF said...

Israel did not include this demand of Egypt and Jordan because they made no territorial claim upon Israel.

The Palestinian Arabs claim all of Israel is theirs. In the currency of the Middle East, words matter. If Israel drops its central demand, it can certainly get a hudna - but there won't be an end to the conflict.

Roger Cohen doesn't get what the Palestinian Arabs do, that the relentless Jewish retreat over the last thirty years on every issue under dispute has brought them closer to their goal of destroying Israel. They have principles they won't relinquish.

As Yisrael Medad knows, after the gut-wrenching display of national humiliation last night, one has to wonder if the Jews have principles.
Is there a hill they are prepared to die on? Every one is waiting to find out.

Dan Kelso said...

Last November, Roger Cohen of the Times basically comes out and says Israel should do nothing while Hamas fires hundreds of rockets at Israeli civilians.
Ari Lieberman totally destroys the lies of Roger Cohen.

Roger Cohen and the New York Times: Useful Idiots
Ari Lieberman
November 21, 2012

Dan Kelso said...

The Palestinians are obsessed with hate.
They are a hateful people with lives ruled by prejudice, terrorism and murdering innocent civilians.
The Pals never contribute nothing to society, other than whining that Israel doesn't want to live under Sharia law.

Any sane human would CONDEMN the Palestinians brainwashing their children to strap on bombs to murder Jewish children.

Israel should be commended for its extreme restraint. Which other country would tolerate blood thirsty terrorists within and next door who want to annihilate the country.

How do the Palestinians raise so many people who have no regard for human life? What kind of gutter do these animals come from? What kind of Evil could think it is an act of heroic and religious martyrdom to slaughter children waiting for buses, to blow apart people in their sleep, to kill women doing their marketing, to target the weak and defenseless at malls.

Why do the Palestinians clamor like vultures to take credit when they butcher Israeli school kids on a school bus? Through the Palestinians hate, an entire generation has lost the capacity for humanity.

Dan Livni said...

Where is Roger Cohen's Israel? Is it on the same map that the Palestinians display as there's.
PA continues to teach denial of Israel’s existence
Oct 5, 2010
Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik
Last week, PA TV rebroadcast an educational documentary that has been broadcast numerous times since 2007. The documentary describes the Israeli cities of Haifa, Acre, Ashkelon, Jaffa and the Sea of Galilee as Palestinian.

PA Radio: One Day Israel ‘Will be Palestine Again’
Is there any hope for peace when the Palestinian Authority continues to strive towards the destruction of the Jewish state?
Ari Soffer

Abbas Makes It Official: All of Israel is Palestine.
Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu.
The Fatah party, headed by Abbas, has made official what it has been saying more quietly and adopts a new logo: All of Israel as Palestine.