Friday, January 10, 2014

Please, Don't Boycott Shiloh Industries

Please, don't boycott Shiloh Industries.

There are many reasons not to.

It's not nice.

It may be illegal.

More importantly, Shiloh Industries, Inc. 

is located in Valley City, Ohio, not in the Land of Israel, and Shiloh Industries is 

a leading supplier, providing lightweighting and noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) solutions to automotive, commercial vehicle and other industrial markets. Shiloh delivers these solutions through design, engineering and manufacturing of first operation blanks, engineered welded blanks, complex stampings, modular assemblies and highly engineered aluminum die casting and machined components serving the body-in-white, emission, powertrain, structural and seating needs of OEM and Tier 1 customers. The company has multiple locations across North America, including in Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, Wisconsin and Mexico, and has approximately 1,770 employees.

It has nothing to do with "settlements" or "occupation".

Wait.  It does provide an occupation to some 1770 people.

And Ramzi Hermiz 

is president and CEO of the company and I am going to assume he's not Jewish.



aparatchik said...

It's on occupied Indian land

Unknown said...

Yes, like the American Indians, the Jews are the original inhabitants of the Land of Israel for almost 4,000 years, and the Arabs are the colonial invaders trying to eradicate Jewish history.

Bill said...

It looks like Ramzi Hermiz is an American born Iraqi-American Christian.