Friday, January 03, 2014

Palestinian Land Under Occupation

I read this:

A Jordanian government spokesman told Al-Hayat that Jordan’s position is clear – “the entire territory of the West Bank and Gaza Strip are Palestinian land under occupation,” and should make up the Palestinian state.

You know what they say about people living in glass houses.

Jordan is considered by many Arabs to be "Palestinian land under occupation", sir and so, watch out.

Jordanian officials...expressed concern that any deal between Israel and the Palestinian Authority may come at the expense of the Hashemite kingdom.

Oh, and Pope Francis, your visit to our region is publicized so:

Pope Francis’ plans to visit Jordan and Palestine in May have been confirmed, a local coordinator of the visit said.  Director General of the Catholic Centre for Studies and Media Father Rifat Bader, who coordinates papal visits in cooperation with the Vatican embassy, told The Jordan Times that visit details will be announced at a press conference on Sunday.  

Remind me, where is that "Palestine"?

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