Sunday, January 05, 2014

Odd of the JPost to Apologize

This appeared on page 2 of today's JP:

The J.P. editorial staff apologizes for the inclusion 
of the supplement "Sovereignty" in Friday's paper.  
The supplement had no connection with the Post 
and we disassociate ourselves with its contents.

The item ran 3 columns wide and 1.5 inches deep, I was told.


Why would anyone think it had anything to do with the Post?

Commercial advertisements do not carry such an apology.

I can assume the inclusion was paid for.*

During election campaigns, the paper, as other newspapers, carry propaganda from all types of political groups, and at other times as well.

Is an inclusion special?

It's identity and association was quite clear.

How many people needed to complain to elicit such an apology?

Like I noted above: odd.



I have been reliably informed that a considerable amount of money was expended to the JPost to cover the inclusion.  The complaints, I have been told, were from people who thought they were being fooled that the insert was part of the JPost.  I wonder about the level of reading comprehnsion of some people, at times.

and someone suggested this be sent in: 

I read that you have disassociated the Jerusalem Post from the excellent insert SOVEREIGNTY.
This insert must have passed the editorial office of the paper so one wonders why THE ZIONIST ALTERNATIVE is being maligned in this way. Your readers are entitled to know the reasons behind this announcement.
Who is pressuring the editorial board of the paper or was it an innocent mistake?
I, a reader of the paper, would really like to know.


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