Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Lifshitz, Go Forward

I read (thanks to FredT) this

Magen Zion – the program in which [Shlomo] Lifshitz intends to instruct Diaspora teenagers in the arts of marksmanship and Krav Maga – is intended to give young Jews a sense of confidence, he explained.
“I decided that I’m going to create something that is going to teach people to defend themselves.  For high school kids, what we are doing is a new concept of how to bring kids to Israel.  By learning how to defend yourself you get a lot of self confidence.”
Asked about the similarities to camps run by Beitar Betar and the Revisionist Zionist movement of Ze’ev Jabotinsky, the ideological forerunner of the Likud, Lifshitz was taken aback.
“I don’t want to go there,” he replied.

Why not? 

The Warsaw Ghetto fighters benefitted.

So did the freedom fighters for Israel's liberation and independence.

So did I and tens of thousands of others who fought, literally, anti-Semites (not only anti-Semitism).

Lifshitz, go forward, not back.


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