Sunday, January 05, 2014

Just Who Is That Navot?

Navot the Jezreelite was a farmer, as recorded in I Kings 21, and he was murdered for his vineyard by Israel's King Ahab.  Ahab made Navot an offer he perhaps shouldn't have refused: "Give me your vineyard, and it will become a vegetable garden for me, for it is close to my home, and I will give you a better vineyard in exchange.  Or, if you wish, I will pay you its worth in silver."  

The reply of Navot was "Heaven forbid that I should give up my forefathers’ inheritance to you."

a report by a new NGO, Kerem Navot, and funded by Diakoniya, a Swedish pro-Pal. "humanitarian, development and peace-building" NGO,  by a veteran anti-settlement activist, Dror Etkes (formerly Peace Now, formerly Yesh Din, etc.) on page 89, has a picture of "an attempted agricultural takeover" near Shiloh.

The picture, showing a Star of David ploughed in the ground, is actually of a plot of land that the courts, at least twice, if not three times, have adjudicated that belong to Shiloh residents who have the full legitimate right to work those lands despite Arab claims which have been proven false and without legal basis.

The ploughing was done after a court victory in favor of the Jewish rights to the land.

Several times, Arik Ascherman prodded, if not perhaps incited, local Arabs from Qaryout, to attack Jews verbally and otherwise and to illegally plough that land to establish a non-existent claim.  He failed in his attempts to dislodge Jews from their land although one resident of Shiloh suffered a slight concussion (see here, too).

I'm just wondering: exactly who is the "Navot" figure in this story?

And who is Achav?

Could it be Dror? 

Or those European funds with their millions?



Rabbi Arik Ascherman said...

The court has not ruled that the land belongs to settlers. The Army determined that the land belongs to Palestinians. The settlers appealed. Unfortunately, the Court ruled that the settlers can keep working the land until the case is resolved. The case is to be heard in May. In terms of the old and tired accusations that I and others are the provocateurs for supporting people struggling for their rights, despots and dictators have been repeating it at least since Pharaoh made that accusation against Moses and Aaron.

YMedad said...

did I rite who owned it? but at least 9/10s is possession. if we had no rights. the leftists leagl section of the CA would have thrown the Jews off. glad though you didn't deny inciting (old and tired accusations) or maybe just prodding the Arabs to illegally enter the property.

YMedad said...

oh, and thanks for revealing your biases and prejudices and rather weird and outlandish opinions - comparing me to Pharoah. that was really idiotic.