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History of Palestine Starts in 638 CE

This "Chronology of Palestine" is quite fair.

It starts only in 638 CE.

Not Biblical Jebusites.

And early attacks on Jews are noted.

Historical Background

638           Umar ibn Khattab captures Jerusalem from the Byzantine Empire, names it Jund    Filastin.
688-715     Abd al-Malik builds the Dome of the Rock shrine and then al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem.
1099-1187     Crusaders control Palestine and Syria.
1187           Salah al-Din re-conquers Palestine.
1260           Mamluks halt Mongol invasion at Battle of Ayn Jalut.
1516           Ottoman rule begins in Palestine.
1746-75     Rule of local leader Zahir al-Umar in Northern Palestine.
1799          French army under Napoleon Bonaparte invades Palestine.
1831-40     Egyptian army under Ibrahim Pasha rules Palestine.
1876           First Ottoman parliament includes Palestinian deputies.
1878           Petah Tikva, the first Zionist settlement, is established.
1882           First Aliyah from Russia to Jaffa; Ottomans later restrict Jewish immigration to Palestine.
1882           Britain occupies Egypt; Ottoman sultan briefly bans Russian Jewish immigration to Palestine.
1886           Palestinian villagers attack Petah Tikva colony.
1891           Palestinian notables protest against Jewish immigration.
1892           Ottoman government bans the sale of certain categories of land to non-Ottoman Jews; villagers attack Rehoboth...

Although in April 1920 they skip the first pogrom by Arabs against Jews in Jerusalem.


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