Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Being Better - And Even Better

The essence of the conflict that is termed the Israel-Palestine Conflict is that we Jews as Zionists challenge the Arabs not only nationalistically and politically as regards whose country is this land - Eretz-Yisrael or Eretz-Yishmael - but the issue is on a more fundamental intellectual, theological, philosophical and cultural level.

We challenge those who term themselves Palestinians to define who they really are.

We challenge them to coexist with us.

We challenge them to share a Holy Site.

We challenge them to be tolerant.

We challenge them to be more liberal and humanist.

We challenge them to adopt a different moral code of behavior.

We challenge them to be more democratic.

We are not perfect but we are better even as we know we can be better.

Do they want to be better?

Do they wish to liberate themselves mentally, emotionally and psychologically from their hate and rejection?

Can they accept sharing and cooperation, even on water and sanitation issues to save and preserve this land?


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