Sunday, September 01, 2013

Go Egypt, Go!

Item #1:-

Egyptian security forces Saturday blew up six tunnels under the Palestinian-Egyptian border to the southern Gaza Strip.  Alray reporter said two tunnels in Garadat area east of the Rafah crossing were completely destroyed in the evening. A cloud of smoke billowed out of the scene, no injuries among Palestinian reported.

Hours later, the Egyptian security forces planted bombs in 4 tunnels in the Brazil neighborhood in Rafah to detonate by remote control, while one tunnel was flooded with water before being destroyed.
Last Saturday, the Egyptian military destroyed two tunnels that have their entrances inside Egyptian houses at al-Sarsoriya area next to Brazil neighborhood of the Palestinian side.
The day before, the Egyptian army bombed three tunnels used for smuggling food stuffs, goods raw building materials that the Israeli occupation refuses to enter to the nearly 1.8 million population of the Gaza Strip.
The army had begun the crackdowns on border tunnels weeks before the military coup against President Mohamed Morsi
GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Egyptian naval forces on Friday shot two Palestinian fishermen near the Egypt-Gaza border and detained five others, Palestinian sources in Gaza said.

Egyptian forces opened fire at Palestinian fishing boats, injuring 19-year-old Ibrahim Abdullah al-Najjar and 21-year-old Wael al-Bardawil.  They were taken to the Abu Yousef al-Najjar Hospital in the Palestinian side
of Rafah.

Egyptian forces detained Khalid Basla, Mahmud Basla, Maher Basla, Jamal Khaled Abu Shlouf, and Ismael Basla.
Egypt's army on Friday destroyed two smuggling tunnels under the border with Gaza, security officials said.  The tunnels were used to smuggle cars and other goods.

Egyptian army engineers demolished the tunnels using explosives.

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Anonymous said...

The congress cannot understand why he has waited until 100,000 people were killed before he has taken any action in Syria. The maze of suppositions proposed amazes me, when the truth is so simple. He had planned military maneuvers with Egypt and Morsi. When the moderates revolted and took back their country he had to recalculate. It was his intention to arm Egypt, then force Israel to accept terms completely contrary to their existence or face military action. Now he must create a form of helter skelter with the Syrian conflict, make no mistake he will have no problem with the use of chemical weapons on Israel...but they are not to be used on Islamic forces...that is the red line he will not allow anyone to cross. He will milk every bit of juice from this conflict to arm Israels enemys and complete his divine mission of destroying and killing 2/3s of the Israeli people and nation. He wants those chemical weapons in the hands of the rebels because they will unleash them on Israel. Assad would not do that so he must be eliminated just as the Egyption president was. The beast wants only those that will go for Israels jugular to have weapons. That's why he has withdrawn his support for Egypt...because the weapons he would now supply them with will not be used on Israel. Make know mistake this is that war spoken of that occurs just prior to the Tribulation. The beast squares of with the kings of the east, he also arms and army which surrounds Israel. Their is more at work behind the scenes than meets the eye. This is scripture being manifested, take heed Israel, the beast has you in his bullseye.