Monday, July 01, 2013

The Drip of "Holy Blood"

A new three-part documentary series is being shown on Channel 10.

It's entitled "Holy/Sacred Blood" and is created by Itzik Lerner:

Those who comprehend Hebrew can watch the first part here.

It focuses on Hebron's Cave of the Patriarchs, Shechem's Joseph's Tomb and Jerusalem's Temple Mount.

Last night we viewed Joseph's Tomb.

What you didn't learn:

-  that the Oslo Accords fixed the right of Jews to visit by demand of the government of Israel and so the visits are not some quirk of a bunch of weird and fanatic banshees swooping down of the Tomb.

- that normal secular people visit and think access should be guaranteed in safety.

What was misconstrued:

-  the Tomb did not appear in an Arab residential area, as understood by the narration, but the residential area grew around it -

- that Jews visit graves of holy men all over Israel, especially in the north but also in Egypt, the Ukraine and New York.  In other words, a fairly normative practice.

- the inconvenienced Arab family is provided long screen time although you do get to see stone throwing and killing of Jews (Hillel Lieberman is missing) and so the hostility is a bit low-keyed.

Will it get better, or worse?


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