Friday, July 05, 2013

Lechi in a New Comic Israeli Film

The name of the film is "Hunting Elephants".  And it opened the Jerusalem Film Festival yesterday.

The synopsis has a young kid with no social skills stuck in an old-age home with his grandfather who he never met and with two of his friends. 

The grandfather was in Lechi, a bank robber, tough who doesn't believe in tears, one friend from the underground days who is full of charged energy, sexuall too, but which will never come to fruition anymore and an English gentleman who was a Shakesperean actor who is penniless but owes 232,000 Euros.

They decide together to rob a bank so as to take revenge of the establishment that hasn't paid the work insurance to the kid for his father's death at the bank where he worked, as well as fulfilling one last dream wish.

Directed by Reshef Levi [his father, Eliyahu, was in Lechi and was picked up during the Saison and exiled to Eritrea] with Sasson Gabay, Patrick Stewart (who replaced John Cleese), Moni Monshonov, Gil Blank, Moshe Ivgi, Tikki Dayan, Zvika Hadar, Yael Abecassis and others.

The trailer:



Thor Fjalar Hallgrimsson said...

Hi, I'm back from hiatus, if you like me to not participate, just tell me.

I'd like to disclose that I knew this all along ( that is to say if it applies to you, but I received no pay nor any gratitude from anyone stating the obvious that Jews are murdering Arabs to re-colonize their former homeland. I understand the romantic sentiment but do not agree with the 100 to 1 kill ratio when one army attacks refugees.

Israeli state should be careful to not enter into history as one of the great ironies of the last 2-3 millennium.

Thor Fjalar Hallgrimsson said...

Actually (I'll be brutally honest) the big irony of our times ... you can guess what I should/could/would say next regarding those that used to live in Israel and now. Peace out ... :)

YMedad said...

You're unstable insanity is always a welcome relief.

Thor said...

Thanks, I think :)

I would like to ask you the favor of removing this and all my comments from your blog. I'm going to travel to Israel soon and would not like these comments to hinder my visa application, that is to say if you feel I'm sane enough to be let loose in your country.

Thor said...

No? Could I perhaps please ask for my name to be reducted to Thor? It's just that I'd prefer not to go into anyone's files as anti-Semitic. If you believe me to be so and not just a concerned citizen of the world (misguided in your view) then I guess that's how it must remain.

Thor said...

Got the visa application anyways, guess I will not be visiting you though ... your lack of answer indicates hostility I think ... so I'll just be talking to your fellow countrymen trying to get the big picture. Peace out again :)

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Hannah said...

It seems like my question may be off topic for the above thread... but did you see/like this movie. I thinktjhe trailer looks really charming/funny/entertaining, which is not something easy to find in an Israeli movie, (Plus, it looks like to get to see a lot of Jerusalem!). Anyway, just wanted to know what you think.

YMedad said...

Thor - no more?

Hannah - didn't see but a friend did and said it was good.

Thor said...


Thor said...



Hannah, thank you and forgive me for being this slow (the voices helped me :)

P.S. Wanna watch this movie with me?