Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Kerry Faces 71% Negativity & 58% No Flexibility

The details are here and the summary follows:

The Peace Index: June  2013

Kerry’s chances of success. The overwhelming majority of the Jewish public in Israel does not tend to believe that U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s efforts to renew the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations will bear fruit. Seventy-one percent see the chances of success as very or moderately low...
The degree of flexibility required of Israel. Whether because they see the chances of Kerry's mission as low or because they have no interest in the renewal of negotiations, the majority of the Jewish public (58%) does not think Israel should show greater flexibility in order to facilitate the resumption of the peace talks...

Who wants a renewal of talks? The prevailing view in the Jewish public (67%) is that the Palestinian Authority does not really want to resume peace talks, while a majority (57%) thinks that the Israeli government wants to resume the talks...

...Netanyahu’s chances of convincing his party of the benefit of the two-state solution...We asked: “In your assessment, will Netanyahu succeed or not succeed in convincing the Likud to support an agreement based on two states?” The responses show that the Jewish public is almost evenly split between those who think Netanyahu will not succeed (45%) and those who think he will (42%).

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