Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Judea and Samaria Quiz

Who declared

Whatever the legal ownership, I see no reason why the West Bank as a whole should be regarded as Judenrein. The whole of Transjordan was deliberately kept free of Jews by the British, and has been so ever since.

If Jews wish to live in the historic areas of Judea and Samaria from which so much of their civilisation sprang, I see no reason why they should not do so. But that is not to determine the eventual status of the area. That remains to be settled in the context of an overall peace settlement in accordance with Security Council resolution 242.

Possible Answers:

a)  Yassir Arafat

b)  Saeb Erekat

c)  Raad Salah

d)  Barack Obama

e)  Menachem Begin

f)  Vladimir Putin

g) Pope Francis

Real Answer.



And he elaborates:

Only one solution remains on the table. It is not the Venice declaration, which has been rejected by both Israel and the PLO, or the Fahd plan, which collapsed like a house of cards when even the PLO, which was supposed to have drafted it, turned against it. Only the Camp David agreements remain...It is instructive to read directly from those sections of the Camp David accords which deal with the West Bank and Gaza...The negotiations are to recognise the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people and their just requirements...

...President Sadat and President Carter both saw that here was a tremendous opportunity for the West Bank Arabs. It could ultimately have led to a Palestinian autonomous State...if only the PLO had not prevented the local Arabs from seizing the best opportunity they ever had to achieve something that there has never been—an autonomous Palestinian State with recognised borders. But the PLO rejected it, just as the Arabs rejected Peel, Unscop and so much else as well.

The reason is very clear. The PLO is not really interested in a mini-State on the West Bank, except as a preliminary to the ultimate extinction of what it calls the "Zionist entity" itself. It means what it says. There is no reason to disbelieve it. That is why Israel will never countenance handing over the West Bank to them, no matter how many resolutions are passed at the United Nations or at Venice.

You can also read this there, in 1982:-

If Israel shells the PLO that is called genocide, but if President Assad shells his own people it is ignored.


No Middle Eastern country has lifted a finger to help the PLO over the past two weeks. No Arab nation really wants the PLO.


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