Sunday, July 14, 2013

How Do You Say "Two Banks Has The Jordan" In Arabic?

I had an idea.

Why not translate the words of Ze'ev Jabotinsky in his song, "Two Banks Has The Jordan" into...Arabic.

These words:

Two Banks has the Jordan – This is ours and that one as well.
There shall prosper from abundance and prosperity The son of Arabia, the Christian, and the Jew, For my flag is one that is pure and just. It will purify both sides of my Jordan.

So, here's the Arabic translation (with thanks to Dr. AZ):

نهر الأردن له ضفتان
واحدة منهما هي ملكنا, والأخرى أيضا
يرتوي هناك من الكثرة والسعادة
ابن العرب وابن الناصرة وابني
لأن علمي, علم الصفاء والعدل
يطهر ضفتي الأردن نهري
I think that thought is liberal, even progressive and quite humanist.


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Chana said...

And eminently Jabotinskian.