Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Egyptians Soon To Join Israel Media Bias Groups?

David Kenner in Foreign Policy Magazine (thanks to Petra) on July 8, 2013 published

Egypt's Media War Is Almost as Nasty as the One in the Streets

As the Cairo press corps gathered for a press conference...members of the press chanted for the removal of an Al Jazeera reporter. As the reporter left amid cheers from the crowd, the military spokesman assured the audience that he supported freedom of the press and that "Egypt is a country of freedom and democracy."

 ...Al Jazeera English correspondent Sherine Tadros tweeted pictures of two leaflets being handed out near the bureau's office in Cairo. "A bullet may kill a man, but a lying camera kills a nation," reads one of leaflets.

...Across the country, there's a media divide...Among American stations, CNN has come in for the most grief for what anti-Morsy demonstrators view as its unsympathetic coverage...Some protesters have carried signs reading "CNN supports terrorism," while Egyptians in New York City organized a march to protest the network's coverage.

Like Egyptian citizens themselves, the media increasingly appears to be operating in two separate universes.

...The media outlets of the Muslim Brotherhood, of course, haven't been any better. The movement's official website ran an article claiming that the military-appointed president, Adly Mansour, was secretly a Jew, though it then pulled the piece. The Brotherhood's political party also published pictures of dead children that it said were killed during the bloodshed at the Republican Guard headquarters, but which were really taken in Syria. The Egyptian military spokesman seized on this mistake at today's press conference, saying it was evidence of a "campaign of lies and psychological warfare" against the state. It was just the latest salvo in what has become an increasingly ugly media war.

Maybe Egyptians will now join CAMERA, BBC Watch, Israel's Media Watch, Honest Reporting, Presspectiva, etc?  Sympathize with Zionism's Hasbara problems?

Here's from Al-Ahram:

وأشار المتحدث إلي ان المتظاهرين أمام مقر الحرس الجمهوري وفي رابعة العدوية استخدموا صورا نشرت في العديد من المواقع في مارس الماضي لبعض الأحداث في سوريا وذلك لتشويه الجيش المصري, رغم ان القوات المسلحة قامت أكثر من مرة بإصدار تحذير بعدم الاقتراب أو المساس بالمنشآت العسكرية أو الأفراد القائمين بمهمتهم في تأمينها.

The spokesman noted that the demonstrators in front of the headquarters of the Republican Guard in the fourth Adawiya used photographs published in many locations in March for some of the events in Syria so as to distort the Egyptian army, despite the fact that the armed forces have more than once to issue a warning not to approach or prejudice to military installations or individuals based their mission in secured.

From the New Yorker.


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