Monday, July 08, 2013

Correcting a Slight Error

Dror Zeigerman, who I know well, was a young Liberal Party member who became a Member of Knesset and later, an Ambassador, thus benefiting from the coalition Menachem Begin formed with the Liberal Party that began in 1959 and culminated in the Likud Party victory in the 1977 elections.

He returned to academic studies and obtained a PhD and his thesis is on that political process of Herut and Liberal merging.

It is entitled, "The Liberal Turnabout":-

I leafed through it quickly and found this section at page 293, I think:

There is an error in there.

Geulah Cohen was appointed to the position of Deputy Minister for Science and Culture, not Deputy Minister for Immigrant Absorption and that was in 1990, not in 1982.  She was, however, Chairwoman of the Knesset's Committee and Immigrant Absorption 1982 - 1984.

Another typo I caught is in his biography.  He was Israel's Ambassador to Great Britiain from 1998 - 2000, not from 1988.


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