Saturday, March 02, 2013

Why a "Two-State Solution" is a Fiction

Among many reasons a "two-state solution" is unworkable and even a non-starter is that the Arab hostility to the Jewish state is not a territorial question, i.e., where the borders should be, but rather existential, i.e., should the Jewish state exist at all.

An indication is this phrasing:

A delegation from 1948-occupied Palestine, headed by Sheikh Raed Salah, head of the Islamic Movement in 48 occupied territories

Israel, the state, even in its pre-1967 configuration, is "occupied".

As I have written numerous times, the dismantloement of Jewish communities, aka "settlements", all established after 1967, and therefore before any "occupation" existed, could not logically be a solutioin in that they were not a problem prior to the outbreak of the Sis Days War.  Their removal solves nothing that reflects on the real Arab opposition to Israel.

Jewish nationalism - Zionism - is the enemy of Palestinianism.

Its obliteration and extinction is the sole option.

Salah is an Israeli citizen, resident of Um El-Fahm and he considers himself "occupied".


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