Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Open Zion's Open War on Truth and Fact

More mendacious propaganda at Open Zion, Peter Beinart's weapon of words bunker:

One of the only mixed modes of transportation in Israel is the Jerusalem Light Rail—which, as it was originally built to connect surrounding Israeli settlements to central Jerusalem, is hardly equally inclusive to Palestinians. Historically, when the light rail system was first constructed, it uprooted several Palestinian neighborhoods, further displacing many Palestinians who once lived in Jerusalem. Now, though the train passes through several traditionally Arab neighborhoods, the stations are named in Hebrew rather than Arabic.

a. no "Israeli settlements".

neighborhoods of Neveh Yaakov and Pisgat Ze'ev and French Hill.

by the way, Neveh Yaakov was attacked, destroyed and ethnically cleansed of its Jews by Arabs in late 1947.

b. no "Palestinian neighborhoods" uprooted.

simply untrue.

c.  the stations are name in Hebrew, yes.  that is the language of the country.  however, Arab place names are also voiced out over the loudspeaker.  for example, Damascus Gate (in English), Sha'ar Shchem (in Hebrew) and Bab El-Amud in Arabic.  the stops in Arab-populated neighborhoods are sounded off as Bet Hanina and Shuafat and Es-Sahil in all languages with no special Hebrew alteration.  Shimon HaTzaddik, though, is not called Sheikh Jarrah.  Shimon HaTzaddik neighborhood was also ethnically cleansed of its Jews in early 1948.

d.  the Light Rail was originally built to ease mass transportation problems and then, to avoid charges that the city's Arab population would be discriminated against, tracks were purposefully laid through those neighborhoods.

The writer is a liar.


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Perry Zamek said...

"One of the only mixed modes of transportation" - apart from Egged and other buses within Israel, that do no discriminate between Arabs and Jews. Beinart's implication is that most other transport in Israel discriminates. He hasn't taken the bus to Pisgat Ze'ev lately.